A peaceful break in the center of Ayvalık..

Egesade Hotel


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Egesade Otel

- vacation+history+design -

  • urban Ayvalık..

    In the historical center of Ayvalık right next to Ayazma Church..

  • luxury by design..

    minimal design, serene comfort..

  • green design..

    environment friendly products and technologies..

  • local products..

    local tastes of Ayvalık..

  • respect to history..

    Building restored and designed as an original Ayvalık house..

  • unique location..

    Ayvalık experience with all aspects..

about the concept..an egesade vacation..

we dreamed of a vacation, in the center of urban life and history of Ayvalık..

inspired by the food, architecture, textures and daily life of the city..

We worked with local products and people.. rolex replica watches

we used green technologies and materials,

we designed our hotel with delicate attention for your comfort,

and we are looking forward to have you as our guests!

about the hotel..egesade design..

Egesade Otel, is right in front of Ayazma church,

at walking distance to Ayvalık market,

50 metres to the seaside..

it's just next to the Ayvalık life and out of the crowd..

We are at your service all year with 10 rooms

All our rooms have, bathroom with shower, hot water, hair dryer, satellite TV, dvd player, air conditioner and wi-fi, available during your stay.

Also at your service, we have a garden, study hall, breakfast lounge, lobby with TV, 24h open reception, and our personel, happy to help you with any other needs!

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